Sep 14, 2009

Chastity Device Review: The CockTrap

Chastity? Sure, why not? Love it.
A good way to keep most of you losers in check and in place. I like that. I really do...

In the midst of rubbing shoulders with kinky folks daily, I run into... well, some kinky folks with some kinky (and in this case, extra-kinky) products that you should know about.

Check this out... We made a video with the kinky-minded cat who invented The CockTrap so that we could show it off, and you could see just how superior this wicked little device is... It isn't just another version of other popular chastity devices, like the CB 6000, The Lancelot, or The Birdlock.

What makes The CockTrap special?

Catheter based - unlike the competition, you're not getting out of this.

The CockTrap = No Escape. Period.

A little about my own times in chastity... Some of you know, some of you don't... I'm a sub to Women and an Alpha 'round the lads. In fact, at one point of my life I spent 90 days in a chastity device (CB 3000) to prove that I'm a thug and that I will indeed do anything my own Superior requests.

One thing I learned during the Chastity Challenge is that it's really really good to cum. It's way better however, to savor that and to wait for Her to be ready. Point being, most lads have no clue just how much fun you're missing out on by not trying chastity.

And, you want to see your Superior smile? Give Her/Him the key. Heh. Yes. The key to your erection. A great way to see Them beamin'.

The CockTrap? A superior way to enjoy the sensations. 24/7... needing. Wanting. Filled... with lust. I'm a big fan of chastity... And you will be, too. Really. you will.

So, if you're going to do it... and you probably should... and you want it for real... and to have it be... wickedly effective? You want The CockTrap. Homie. You really do.

High-quality stainless steel and made to order - yep. Old fashioned, the way it should be... this is going to be part of you. You want it done right, right? Hence the kickass nature of getting The CockTrap from the professionals at

And check out the other chastity devices up there, too - Wow! ;>

5 Good Reasons for Chastity:

1. you're a loser and should not be allowed an erection unless a superior lets you have one.
2. you're a cheater and can't be trusted, so your partner locks you up.
3. It feels good to be super super horny. It really does.
4. Sharing an orgasm is a gift. This helps keep the gift sacred.
5. your Mistress or Master says you should. Period.

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